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Exclude Files from Backup

LiveVault automatically excludes certain files and directories from backup for each computer. For example, LiveVault excludes temporary Internet files.

You should also exclude from backup any files that are extraneous or redundant. You may also consider excluding files that are not business-critical and would not need to be restored in the event of data loss. Excluding those files improves your backup performance.

For more information about data to exclude, see Automatic and Recommended Backup Exclusions.

You create exclusion file selection rules the first time you configure backup, or any time after that by modifying your backup configurations.

To create a file exclusion rule

  1. From the File Selection tab of the Backup Configuration page, click Advanced.

    The Backup Configuration page opens.

  2. Click New rule.

  3. In the selection column, select Exclude from the list.

  4. Select your preferences from the remaining columns.

  5. Click OK.

    The file exclusion rule is created.

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